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TimeShift Festival

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Festival Spotlight
  • November 2017
• Created: November 9, 2017
The Milos MR5 Heavy-Duty pitched roof measured 31 by 18 meters.

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The inaugural EDM event in Bucharest, Romania required a lot of gear. Milos had the main stage covered with the largest MR5 heavy-duty roof structure ever assembled. The tilted roof measured 31 by 18 meters.

The inaugural TimeShift festival in Bucharest, Romania also served as the debut of the largest roof ever engineered and sold by Milos. The MR5 heavy-duty pitched roof, which measured 31 by 18 meters, or about 102 by 59 feet, covered the main stage for the four-stage event, which was held July 20-23, 2017 and drew big crowds with a lineup that included David Guetta, DJ Snake and Bloc Party.

The theme for the TimeShift festival was to invite revelers to “step into another dimension,” and to do that, festival organizers provided attendees with immersive visuals and sound with an abundance of technical systems and gear. Milos did its part to make that happen, working on behalf of client A.S.C. Systems Sound & Light, with a stage roof that was sturdy enough for most of that equipment to be flown.

Based in Bucharest. A.S.C. Systems has been in operation for 17 years and is one of the most important rental companies in Romania for stage, lighting and sound equipment. Their primary goal is to provide customers with solutions that meet their budget without sacrificing quality, and they are committed to delivering technical solutions that meet the highest standards. “We’ve been working with Milos for the past 10 years and that’s why we chose them. They have good products,” says A.S.C. co-owner Alex Oprita, also crediting Milos for value for money.

 The TIMESHIFT Music Festival

‡‡         An Intensive Project

The highly customized MR5 roof was an intensive project that made full use of Area Four Industries’ Technical Sales expertise. Norbert Tripp, Area Four Industries technical director, carried out the engineering design for the roof and static calculations, including the substructure. At the beginning of the project, members of the A.S.C. team met with Tripp and Milos sales rep Milan Kolousek to define their requirements for the roof and agree on the most important details.

Tripp also worked closely with the team at Layher, based in Germany, which provided the scaffold and stage decks for the roof. The Layher stage was an integral part of the roof and it was crucial to work closely with the Layher team to carry out all necessary engineering calculations.

The MR5 stage roof was mounted on a 1.8 meter-high Layher Allround Stage. It had a clearance height of 11 meters and featured a cantilever of approximately 2 meters in front and .7 meters in the rear of the stage.

There were a total of six Milos M390-QTKT towers on the main stage and two M390-QTKT towers supporting each side house. Canvas sheets mounted on 129mm Kedar profiles covered the top of the roof, and canvas mounted on 252mm Kedar profiles served as the three walls.

The total load was 38,000 kg

Tripp designed the roof to handle a 24,000 kg (52,911 lbs.) uniformly distributed load (UDL) on the horizontal beams above the main stage and an additional 7,000 kg (15,432 lbs.) for the audio P.A. and LED screens in each side house. The total load was 38,000 kg (83,775 lbs.).

To meet the Romanian wind standards, the structure was designed to withstand maximum gust speeds of 30.3m/s (109 km/h), which is more than European standards require. As it turned out, the weather was pleasant for all four days, and the roof was not exposed to extreme conditions.

Along with Tripp, Milan Kolousek, Lukas Zeman (from Milos’ technical department) and Ales Roucek, Area Four Industries’ marketing manager, supported the roof build-up, which took a total 4.5 days. The Layher stage was constructed on the first day; the build-up of the Milos roof took an additional 3.5 days to complete.

For more information from Milos, go to www.milossystems.com.

Video Clip Screen Grab

For a video of the roof build-up, go to www.plsn.me/Milos-TimeShift

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