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Block Matrix Lights

by Nook Schoenfeld • in Buyer's Guide • Created: January 13, 2017
PLSN Jan 2017 Buyers Guide - Block Matrix Lights

In 2013, The MagicPanel-R from Ayrton hit the scene, and everyone took notice of the shape of the fixture. Someone had invented a new way for lighting designers to control pixels in an incredibly bright manner that could be used in all kinds of cool applications. This opened the floodgate for a plethora of LED products that adapted to this block shape. Whether they are moving heads, static LED panels or fixtures one can assemble into a grid of their own design, there is a lot of demand for these fixtures in today’s market. Take a look at what’s out there.

To download a PDF of the Jan. 2017 PLSN Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE

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