LED Tape and Bendable LED Products

Nook Schoenfeld • Buyer's GuideSeptember 2018 • September 14, 2018

LED tape as well as faux neon and other bendable LED products have become the norm on most televised programs. Whether it’s a variety special, a house of worship or a newscast, one sees these products constantly – except when we don’t see them, which is often the case as well. When we don’t see them, we see the glow they create when they are embedded in desks, in car visors, or when they are serving as front fill for camera light. The varieties can range from simple boards that all change color at the same time to pixelated strings running chases. They’re all listed here in this month’s Buyers Guide.

To download a PDF of the September 2018 PLSN Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE

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