Anthony McCoy with Aaron Watson’s Tour

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  • August 2018
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• Created: August 13, 2018

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THE DESIGN: “I’m a slave to the music — whatever energy Aaron and the band are putting out I match with my lighting choices. It’s fun to make the lighting, video and pixel mapped fixtures be cohesive with the music. Side light is a big thing — I’m a fan of how that makes Aaron ‘appear’ in a dark theater. It’s a fun challenge when Aaron veers off the set list, and I’m thankful for the creative freedom to keep it fresh and fun. Being on a sober tour is also nice; focusing on good work ethics breeds a professional environment.”



EARLY YEARS: “I made flyers at age 12 to offer neighborhood services, like washing cars, watering plants and dog sitting. Busing tables and washing dishes in my dad’s restaurant primed me for working my butt off and long days on the road.”

INFLUENTIAL CONCERT: “In 2006, at age 15, my dad took me to Voodoo Fest to see Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their production was impactful, with no fat in the lighting rig. It was the first time I saw a production that felt like a collaboration between the performers and the lighting; everything worked in tandem for a great show.”

CAREER SPARK: “I’ve been a musician since age 13, which led to my lighting choices. At University of Texas I took automated lighting courses and established an LLC to produce fraternity parties. Being production manager for these EDM shows built my career foundation.”

MENTORS: “It was pivotal having a community of younger, local LD’s to nerd out with. It was fun and collaborative, like a lighting/video lab. We all started in downtown Austin in clubs and are now touring full time.”

FIRST TOUR: “I worked with various EDM festivals as a video/lighting director and crew lead, learning arena level shows and working with larger teams.”

FIRST TOUR AS AN LD: “This one! Aaron Watson, full-time in February 2017. It’s weekend warrior gig — 130 shows a year.”

BEST ADVICE: “Technology is 25 percent; the rest is professionalism, organization and collaboration. Everything is an opportunity, and reputations carry.”

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT WHAT I DO: “Showtime. It keeps me present. Regardless of the kind of day it was, all I can control is this show right now.”

THE DREAM: “To manage a visual design company, collaborating to create the lighting and video design for tours.”

Aaron Watson photo by Joe Watson





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