LD Landon Bloss with The Mavericks

Debi Moen • May 2018On the Road • May 14, 2018

DESIGN: “The band was looking for a rock show feel to bring energy to their set. The floor package was designed to be low and upstage, allowing for some great silhouette scenes with blinders directly behind the band. I also use moving spot fixtures to shine gobos through the band for big looks. The floor package can be an entire rig on its own, and also complements house lighting rigs.”


HOME BASE: Nashville.

MY STORY: “I was different than my two older brothers — I wasn’t as interested in following or playing sports. I would be in the garage creating things or taking electronics apart. My family was musically oriented, so I figured I could use my talents in the music industry and make a great career out of it.”

INDUSTRY YEARS: “Ten, with half of that touring as a lighting director. I’m relatively fresh in the industry, but have been passionate about lighting design since I was a kid!”

CAREER SPARK: “I grew up in Franklin, TN, where my family attended The People’s Church. It had a 1200 cap auditorium and a decent lighting rig. I was fascinated with the lighting on Sundays and wanted to be a part of it. Production manager Dustin Lemler believed in me, showed me the ropes and contributed to a great amount of my creativity and knowledge in stage lighting.”

FIRST TOUR: “At age 18, I had done some touring with smaller acts, but my first real tour was with country music singer Sara Evans.”

HEROES/MENTORS: “A huge mentor for me growing up was LD and friend Mike Marcario. He attended the same church where I gained most of my knowledge. He taught me fundamentals of lighting, trained me on consoles, took me out as a tech on some of his shows, and helped me land my first LD position on tour.”

PAST TOURS: “Sara Evans, Lee Ann Womack, Tracy Lawrence, Parmalee.”

DESIGNERS I WATCH: “Sooner Routhier’s designs impress me. I’ve never met her, but I can see that she likes to push the limits with her creativity.”

BEST ADVICE FOR NEWBIES: “Your attitude and ability to get along with your tour mates is very important — in other words, be a good hang.”

WHAT LIKE ABOUT WHAT I DO: “Seeing the enjoyment that a great show brings to the audience. As a young kid, I saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra (LD Bryan Hartley) and felt the energy from the light show. I then knew that I wanted to produce that feeling for others. That is my favorite part of lighting design.”

The Mavericks on stage. Photo by Landon Bloss


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