Counting Crows

PLSN Staff • September 2018Showtime • September 14, 2018

Lighting Co



Various (Tour)


Promoter: Live Nation

Lighting Designer/Director: Mike “Z” Zielinski

Lighting Programmer: Taylor Price

Lighting Crew Chief: Paul Costa

Lighting Techs: Rob Corman-Savage, Yoshi Shinohara, Adam Cooper

Tour Manager: Tom Mullally

Production Manager: Kory Carter

Production Assistant: Angela Halloran

Accountant: Julie Duffy

Stage Manager: Sam Osland

Head Rigger/Carp: Chris Sabosky

Carp: Chris Hazelton


2       grandMA2 Light consoles

33     Robe MegaPointes

20     Robe BMFL Blades

13     Robe Spiiders

13     Martin MAC Viper AirFX’s

25     GLP X4 Bar 20s

24     GLP X4S fixtures

12     TMB Solaris Flare Q+

10     TMB Solaris Flare jr’s

13     Chauvet Strike 1’s

10     SGM SixPacks

10     Chroma-Q Color Force II 12’s

100’ TMB Digital Floppy Flex

18     ROE Vanish 25mm video tiles

3       ROE MC-5H video walls (8’ x 12’ WxH)

2       MBOX studio media servers

2       MDG HO Hazer

1       LSG Low smoke generators


Tour Notes

The “25 Years and Counting” Tour launched in late June and runs to Oct. 28.

Photo Credit: Todd Kaplan

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