Dave Matthews Band 2018 Tour

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  • August 2018
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• Created: August 13, 2018

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Lighting Co

Theatrical Media Services


Various (Tour)



Production Designer: Fenton Williams

LDs: Fenton Williams, Aaron Stinebrink

Programmers: Aaron Stinebrink, Ben Lopreto

Lighting Crew: Michael Arch (Crew Chief), Jerry Kaiser Bob Chaize Ben Lopreto Josh Albright

Video Director: Mike Lane

Video Co: Filament Productions

Video Crew: Mike Lane (Crew Chief), Stephen Thomas (Video Engineer), Brett Gardner (Projectionist/Media Server Tech), Arnold Simmons (LED Tech/Camera Op), Chris Byrum (Handheld Camera Op), Matt Hayes (Quince Imaging Rehearsal Crew), David Sawchak (Motion Graphics), David Ariew (3D Rendering)

Video Content: Quince Imaging, To the End of the World, Lightborne, Pat Bradley, Spring Shoe

Set Co: All Access Staging

Set Carpenter: Kyle Duarte

Rigging Co: Reed Rigging

Riggers: Steve “CB” Olean, Bob Chaize

Tour Director: Geoff Trump

PM/Stage Manager: Anthony Giordano

Advance PM: Hank McHugh

Stage Manager: Henry Luniewski

Production Coordinator: Carrie Charbonneau

Backstage Coordinator: Kara Ebert

Director: Aaron Farrington

Co-Director: Abel Okugawa


2          grandMA2 Full consoles

1          grandMA2 Light consoles

8          Robe BMFL Spots

14       Robe BMFL WashBeams

48       Robe Spikies

40       Robe MegaPointes

8          Martin MAC Viper Wash DX

4          Martin MAC Quantum Wash

8          High End Systems ShapeShifter C1

24       SMG Q7’s

26       GLP JDC1’s

30       Elation ChorusLine 16’s

4          DataLynx units

1          Follow-Me remote follow spot system (unlimited)

31       Tyler GT black truss sections

2          MDG ATMe foggers

2          MDG ATM’s w/DMX Control

39       CM Lodestar 1-ton chain motors

9          CM Lodestar ½-ton chain motor

3          ProStar+ ¼-ton motors

2          Green Hippo Karst+ media servers (V4)


The band is performing in support of their ninth studio album, Come Tomorrow. The tour runs from mid-May through September. Photo by Todd Kaplan.

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