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Death from Above 2017 tour

The band toured from Oct. to Dec. 2017.

Lighting Co
Bandit Lites
Novo Club,
Los Angeles, CA


  • Lighting Designer/Director: Dara Guiney
  • Tour/Production Manager: Markus Gilgan
  • Stage Manager: Steve “Pooch” Puchalski
  • Bandit Project Manager: Gene Brian
  • Bandit Rep: Mike Golden


  • 1          ChamSys Maxiwing console
  • 2          Martin 8-port Art-Net nodes
  • 18       Robe CycFX 8 moving linear strips
  • 2          DF50 hazers


Tour Notes:

Toronto-based hard rock duo Death From Above dropped the “1979” from their name last year and toured North America late in the year in support of their latest album release in September, Outrage! Is Now. Prior to its release, drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler reached out to LD Dara Guiney for the tour lighting looks. Guiney crafted a floor package that would provide the “something different” while staying on budget: a simple rectangle of tilting, zoomable LED bars around the band to augment existing house lighting systems. Death From Above’s European tour starts mid-February.

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