International Children’s Winter Games 2019

PLSN Staff • July 2019Showtime • July 11, 2019

The games were held Jan. 6-11, 2019

Lighting Co

Good Guy Productions


Herb Brooks Arena,

Lake Placid, NY


Promoter: ICG

Production Designer/Manager: Eric Wilson

Production Co: Good Guy Productions

Lighting Programmers/Operators: Edgar Gonzales (Compu Show), Cory Hoffman (myDMX)


12       ADJ BSW 300’s

12       ADJ Vizi Beam RXOne’s

8          ADJ Vizi Spot Pros

8          ADJ Inno Pocket Z4’s

2          ADJ Ikon Profiles

4          ADJ WiFly EXR Hex Pars

4          ADJ Mega Go Par 64’s

2          ADJ Entourages

1          ADJ myDMX 3.0 setup

1          ADJ Compu Show setup

1          Elation MIDICon II setup

1          External lighting package: 16 12P HEX IP, ADJ myDMX RM

Event Details:

Established in 1968 and sponsored by the Olympic Committee, the International Children’s Games branched out in 1994 with the launch of the Children’s Winter Games. This year, the competition was held in Lake Placid, NY.

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