Pentatonix World Tour

Steve Jennings (Photos and Text) • July 2019Showtime • July 11, 2019

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Lighting Co

Christie Lites


Various (Tour)


Promoter: Live Nation

Lighting & Production Designer: Travis Shirley

Lighting Director: Kyle Lovan

Lighting Programmer: Chris Smith

Video Programmer: Manny Conde

Mbox Server Specialist: John DaCosta

Christie Lites Rep: Robert Roth

Lighting Crew Chiefs: Brandon Leedham, Pete Siller, Joe Eager

Lighting Techs: Andy Welch, David Schmieder, Mike Jackson

Automation Operator: Matt Zimmer

Tour Manager: Andrea Howat

Production Manager: Nate Smith

Production Coordinator: Evan Pierri

Stage Manager: Justin Sumrall

Prop Technician: Justin Gudger

Video Director: Adam Walden

Video Content: Electronic Countermeasures

Video Co: ScreenWorks/Randy Mayer

Video Crew Chief: Sean Lee

LED Techs: Ryan Van Raalten, Shane Keeling, Jeremiah “J.B.” Bessette

Projectionist: Maria Passalacqua

Staging Co: Gallagher Staging/Tye Trussell

Jib Operator: Pedro Pineda

Riggers: Dan Michaels

Carpenters: Zac Hinkle, Matt Ensley

Trucking Co: Stage Call


2          grandMA2 Full Size Lighting consoles

60       Martin MAC Axiom Hybrids

40       Robe BMFL WashBeams

20       Claypaky Sharpy Washs

205     Chroma-Q Color Force II 12’s

5          Lycian M2 Short Throw Truss Spots

2          MDG Me2’s

3          Martin JEM zr44 Foggers

370     ROE CB8 Tiles

240     ROE BM4 Glass Floor Tiles

4          Barco 30K Projectors

4          PRG Mbox Media Servers


Designer Insights by Steve Jennings:

PLSN caught up with the Pentatonix tour on opening night in Northern California at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. The five-member a cappella group mix their vocal arrangements in pop, riffing, beatboxing and basslines for a unique and powerful style all their own. We spoke with lighting director Kyle Lovan about this Travis Shirley lighting and production design.

Kyle Lovan

Lighting Director

Travis and I first met while I was a dimmer tech on the extremely successful 2017 Enrique Inglesias/Pitbull Tour, says Lovan. “Shortly thereafter I shifted my career to being a lighting director, and have since worked for multiple artists including Cole Swindell, Charlie Puth, and Lil Wayne. Travis and I crossed paths again while I was assisting Matt Geasey (Clear All Visuals) with plots and technical aspects of Travis’ designs. After Travis found out I had become a lighting director he reached out to me to direct this show.”

The band and management watch playback of the show every night and are great in communicating what things they liked or in making suggestions for changes. “There have been a few tweaks since opening mostly to help with show flow and choreography positions. Overall though they are thrilled with Travis’ design and looks throughout the show.”

Lovan notes that Robert Roth and the entire Christie Lites team have really bent over backwards to make sure he’s happy with everything on the show. “I’m really impressed with how well their Martin MAC Axiom Hybrids are holding up. The automation cues put them in a lot of harsh angles and positions and the fixtures are handling it very well. Also, this is the second time I have used Chroma-Q’s Color Force II’s. I love working with these lights as they are very bright fixtures with beautiful color mixing abilities.”

Going into rehearsals the band was still trying to lock down a confirmed set list. Therefore a lot of things did end up getting changed, says Lovan, but luckily Chris Smith and Manny Conde did some serious heavy lifting on the programming side of things. “They made the presets and options I needed to have to make and change the show as smooth and as easy as possible. I feel very honored to be working on this show. Travis has had high expectations of how the show should look and has set a high bar for me to reach. In doing so, I have really been able to grow as a lighting director. This has been my most challenging show to date with 11 spots, automation cues, lifts positions, and the Austrian curtain moves to call. Nate Smith (Production Manager) and the Pentatonix crew has been amazing and is completely dedicated to making sure the show goes on without a hitch. I couldn’t be happier with how things have been running on this show.”


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