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Lighting Co

Odyssey Lighting


Various (Tour)


Promoter/Producer: Face to Face

Production Manager: Ray Hammond

Lighting Designer/Director: Paul Rosinsky

Lighting Techs: Pedro Rodriguez Jr., Nathan Wilder

Video Director: Sixx Williams

Video Co: VER

Set Design: Tom Lohman

Set Construction: Jamichael Partridge

Rigger: Gordan Languell

Staging Co: Zeo Brothers

Staging Carpenter: Jamichael Partridge



1       HES Hog 3 console

6       Martin MAC 101 CT’s

32     Martin MAC 101s

8       Martin MAC Quantum Washes

6       Martin MAC Vipers

8       Elation Platinum Wash ZFX Pro’s

8       Claypaky Sharpys

4       Mole Richardson 4-lite blinders

4       Atomic Strobes

126  Galaxia WinVision 9 LED Tiles

1       Resolume Arena Media Player

2       DF-50 hazers

12     4×8 decks

9       10’ Thomas moving light truss sections

10     8’ XFS ladder truss sections

2       6’ XFS ladder truss sections

12     1 ton CM hoists

4       1/4 ton CM hoists

2       2-ton CM hoists


Tour Notes

RBRM stands for Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike — four of the six members of New Edition. The band members got back together to perform the hits they wrote together over the years. The tour visits U.S. casinos, arenas and amphitheaters from Sept. 3-Oct. 20, 2018.

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