Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson

by Steve Jennings (Photos and Text) • in
  • November 2018
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• Created: November 12, 2018

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ROB ZOMBIE 2018 © Steve Jennings

Lighting Cos

Delicate Productions/Gemini LSV


Various (Tour)


LD/Lighting Director/Programmer: Damian Rogers

Lighting Crew: Jason Henry (Crew Chief), Greg Nunz, Olu Kiara, Jason Gray, Mary Wistrom

Video Co: 4 Wall

Video Crew: Damian Rogers (Video Director), Steve Calley (Video Crew Chief), Darren Montanez, Harry Chu Baca (Video Techs)

Tour Manager: Janine Edwards

Production Manager: Mark Woodcock

Production Assistant: Dea Porter

Stage Manager: Paul Chavez

Carpenter/SFX Tech: Jesse Kiesnowski, Kris Davis

Rigger: Hector Mimoso

Trucking Co: 46 Logistics


2       grand MA2 Full consoles

51     Robe BMFL Wash Beams

20     Robe MegaPointes

12     Claypaky Mythos

24     Philips Showline SL Nitros

4       Philips Showline SL 640s

8       Chauvet Nexus 4×4’s

18     Elation Protron 3K’s

20     Elation Cuepix WW2’s

6       Base Hazers

296  7mm Absen C7 LED tiles

2       Catalyst HD V5 media servers

Designer Insights by Steve Jennings:

“Twins of Evil – The Second Coming Tour” 2018

As lighting designer and director for Rob Zombie, Damian Rogers tries to bring a little more to the table each time, whether it’s lighting or video.

Damian Rogers

Lighting Designer/Director/Programmer (for Rob Zombie)

“Rob is constantly stepping up his game as far as his performance goes, so as director I need to keep up with the visuals. Over the years we have evolved from a dark and spooky feel, to more of a carnival of horrors with a sensory overload of stuff to look at during the show.” For the Twins of Evil The Second Coming Tour with Marilyn Manson, two lighting companies were used for the tour. Delicate Lighting for the flown rig, and Gemini Stage Lighting provided the floor package. 4 Wall was the video company for the tour.

After 13 years with Zombie, for this tour Rogers has incorporated more front light in the show. Especially to compensate for the video that keeps getting brighter and more high res. “I light Rob from the top and bottom with saturated colors, using contrasting colors to give depth. Since no white front light is used, it can be a challenge sometimes to keep the guys from blending into the background. As far as video, it’s a blast gathering content for the show. With a mix of old horror movies and Rob’s own videos that he has produced, we have a good assortment. Pretty much anything goes as long as it’s a good mixture of spooky, cooky, and sometimes a little silly or gross… But it all fits in the overall look. There is always something catching your eye. And you will probably notice different stuff every time you see the show.”

None of the show is time coded. Rogers runs everything manually, writing macros in his lighting cues that trigger a video cue stack for each song. “The favorite part of my day on tour is running the show. I would get bored if everything was run by timecode, plus it makes it easier to change things up and keep things fresh. I think this is important when coming up with new ideas. One night you might try a different video clip for a certain part of the show, and tell yourself “well that didn’t work”, and other times you might try something and it makes the show that much better. And it does not go unnoticed by Rob, who is very aware of what is being played and will make it known when he sees something new that he likes.

I loved this tour, and working with Nico, LD for Manson was a pleasure. It was really cool seeing these two bands tour together again. Although the two bands were a perfect fit, the two shows looked completely different. Even though Nico and I shared the full flown rig. With the different designs of the two floor packages and set, along with different programming styles, the audience definitely got two separate shows equally as entertaining.”

More Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson tour photos by Steve Jennings:

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