Santana ‘Supernatural Now’ Tour

Steve Jennings (Photos and Text) • August 2019Showtime • August 7, 2019

SANTANA © Steve Jennings

Lighting Co

Innovative Concert Lighting


Various (Tour)


Production Design: Michael Ledesma

Lighting Designer & Director: Michael Ledesma

Lighting Programmers: Dustin Hollingsworth, Anthony Miller

Lighting Crew Chief: Troy Garcia

Lighting Techs: Kevin Royan, Rick Neilson, Enrique Pena

Innovative Concert Lighting Rep: Mike Lehrman

Video Director: Bob Higgins

Video Co: Pete’s Big TVs/Guy Benjamin

Video Engineer: Seth Sharpless

Tour Manager: Skip Rickert

Road Manager: Libby Fabro

Production Manager: Mike Keifer

Production Assistant: Melissa Erianger

Tour Assistants: Chad Wilson, Sean Guthrie

Stage Manager: Michael Ryder

Dock Master: Chris “Stubby” McNair

Camera Operators: Jeff Johnson, Joe Melkerson

LED Tech / Camera Op: Brian Coady, Nicholas Murphy

Staging: All Access Staging/Coleman Nielsen

Circa Light: GTS

Drapery: Sew What?

Trucking: R.A.P. Trucking

Trussing: Tyler Truss


1          Image Cue

37       Martin Viper Profile

29       Martin Quantum Wash

24       Martin Axioms

24       Elation Proton Eclipse

12       Elation 7 Batten 14”

9          Mega-Lite Circa LED

15       Chromacolor CF 12

20       ETC Source 4 19 degree Profile

4          Thomas 4-Lite

4          Thomas 8-Lite

1          Road Hog 4 Lighting console

1          Hog 3 Expansion Wing Lighting console

2          Martin Jem Hazers

2          DF 50 Hazers

1          LED video setup w/DigiLED MK7S

1          Ross Carbonite 2 switcher

1          Camera package w/Sony HDC 1500/Panasonic AW-HE50SN


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