Summer Camp Festival/Moonshine Stage

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  • August 2018
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Lighting Co

Performance Lighting


Three Sisters Park

Chillicothe, IL



LD/Lighting Director: Preston Hoffman/Pulse Lighting

Lighting Techs: Autumn Venezia, Salvatore Novello, Mathew Graf

Video Co: Pulse Lighting

Video Director: Andrew Smith

Set Design/Construction: Preston Hoffman, Steve Young

Rigger: Salvatore Novello

Production Manager: Kevin Lynch

Promoter/Producer: Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment


1          grandMA2 Full console

22       Robe MegaPointes

30       Robe LED Beam 150’s

7          GLP X4’s

14       Martin Atomic Strobes

7          Elation Cuepix WW4 Blinders

6          DF50 hazers

24       CM 1-ton motors

1          Christie Boxer 4K30 projector w/1.13 lens

1          MSI built video server w/Resolume Arena 6

3          HDSDI capture cards.

2          Korg Midi control solutions


The 2018 festival took place May 25-27. Photo by TGRACER

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