Khalid 2018 “Roxy” Tour

by Steve Jennings (Photos and Text) • in
  • June 2018
  • Wide Angle
• Created: June 4, 2018

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Five-time Grammy nominee, R&B singer and songwriter Khalid is out on a new headlining tour — The “Roxy” Tour, named after his dog, Roxy, recently adopted from a rescue shelter. In fact, $1 from every ticket will be donated to local animal shelters at each city’s stop. We spoke with lighting director Jonathan Camarillo about the current tour.

Camarillo was approached by Khalid’s tour director, Mark Woodcock, about working on the tour. “I started working with Khalid back in November 2017 on the American Teen tour. I was happy to be asked back to return as the LD for the ‘Roxy’ tour. This year we brought in a phenomenal production designer by the name of Robert Bedford. He designed the layout of the lighting and video system for the tour.

KHALID © Steve Jennings

“I’ve programmed lighting and video for roughly 25 songs. Khalid does change up the set list from time to time, but is usually pretty consistent. He has added a few new and unreleased songs to the set. In these situations, I normally get the information at sound check and have a few hours to block cues as well as program enough of the songs to punt.”

Working in this industry, notes Camarillo, “you realize all-nighters are inevitable, no matter how much pre production/rehearsal time is provided. The first few days of the run were challenging, to say the least, but it all came together, and everyone is hitting their groove now.”

Camarillo says that currently over half of the set runs in time code. “As we finalize the arrangements, I normally give it a few shows before I start running the new songs to code. Good Theory Studios played a huge part in the content creation, and since then, we have incorporated additional video content companies.”

Camarillo mentions that when he was working with Rob Bedford’s original design, he made his recommendations on fixtures and positions based on how he would be utilizing the rig for the show. He says he’s now a big fan of the Quantum Wash by Martin. “They have worked great and have given me a wide range of different looks with the lens effects and control of independent zones of LED. We’ve had zero issues with them — so far, they’ve been great.

“I have to say that working with Filament Productions, the lighting and video vendor has been an absolute pleasure for this tour. Brian Bieber, our account rep really goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of.”

KHALID © Steve Jennings

Khalid 2018 “Roxy” Tour


  • Production Designer: Robert Bedford
  • Lighting Director: Jonathan Camarillo
  • Lighting/Video Programmer: Jonathan Camarillo
  • Lighting & Video Co: Filament Productions
  • Filament Account Rep: Bryan Bieber
  • Video Content: Good Theory Studios
  • Lighting Crew Chief: Robert Bedford
  • Lighting Tech: Eron Roy
  • Video Crew Chief: Tyler Chappel
  • Tour Director: Mark Woodcock
  • Tour Manager: Samantha Luettke
  • Production Assistant: Lauren Watt
  • Production Manager: Eric “Shakes” Grzybowski
  • Lead Rigger: Eric Lemaine
  • Set Carpenter: Paul Chauvez
  • Staging Co: Accurate Staging/Michael Munoz
  • Trucking Cos: Xpeditious Unlimited BNA



  • 2       grandMA2 full-size consoles
  • 2       grandMA2 NPUs
  • 34     Claypaky Sharpys
  • 8       Martin MAC Viper Wash DX
  • 12     Martin MAC Viper Profiles
  • 28     Martin MAC Quantum Wash
  • 24     GLP impression X4S
  • 24     SGM Q7
  • 1       Robe BMFL Blade
  • 2       DF-50 hazers
  • 2       Radiance hazers


  • 180  ROE Visual MC-7HB video tiles
  • 2       Brompton M2 video processor
  • 2       Catalyst V5 HD media server


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