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WrestleMania 35

PLSN Staff • July 2019Wide Angle • July 12, 2019

WrestleMania 35 photo courtesy StrictlyFX.

WrestleMania 35 took place on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. A total 82,265 people representing all 50 states and 68 countries attended — the third highest turnout in the history of this event. Every year the spectacle is a visual splendor. We were fortunate enough to come across some images friends of ours took and they were just too good not to share with our readers. Designer Jason Robinson has once again set the bar high with another masterpiece. He’d like to say thank you to all the vendors and crew members listed below for once again going that extra mile.

Atomic Designs aided with the set. Photo: Todd Kaplan

WrestleMania 35/WWE Vendors

  • Lighting: Upstaging
  • Pyro: StrictlyFX
  • Set: Atomic Design
  • Staging: StageCo
  • Rigging: ARS Entertainment Rigging
  • Video: Screenworks
  • Catering: Dega/Jen Hagopian
  • Power: Legacy Power
  • Riser Seating: InProduction
  • TV Production: NEP
  • Trucking: Stage Call
  • Audio: Clair

Jason Robinson, VP of Production Design

Upstaging’s lights beam down on the crowd. Photo: Nicolas Chavance

WWE/WrestleMania Crew Members

  • WWE Crew: Jason Robinson (VP of Production Design), Charles Perry, AJ DiCarlo (Lighting Directors), Jeffery Wilkin (Senior Manager/Lighting Production and Senior Lighting Programmer), Chris Keene (Media Manager), Dan Longfellow, Clint Donaldson (WWE Graphics), Jeremy Shand (Director of TV Production Management), Brie Ancia (Site Coordinator), Scott Lukas (Stage Manager), Jason Shaw (Senior Manager, Lighting Logistics)
  • WrestleMania Crew: Scott Swim (Media Coordinator), Aron Altmark (Media Programmer), Joe Watrach (Lighting Programmer/Audience), Justin Cheatham (Lighting Programmer/Entrance), Alex Seiler (Gaffer)
  • WWE Hall of Fame Crew: Eric Wade, AJ DiCarlo (Lighting Directors), Warren Flynn (Lighting Programmer), Aaron Wade (Video Programmer), Jonathan Schneider (Media Server Tech), Jason Shaw (Production Manager)

he view from outside the stadium. Photo by Ross Dettman, courtesy Strictly FX

ARS Entertainment Rigging Crew

  • Alan Jamnik, , David Gittens, Wayne Parmley, Kunta Grier, William Taylor, Eric Howell, James Allen Martin, Trey McCulloch, Alex Dew, Morgan Prine, Bob Lannon

Screenworks provided the video gear

Atomic Design Crew

  • Doug Frawley, Zak Keller, Colin Nixdorf, Adam Curry, Jake Haley, Andy Good

ARS looks after all the rigging

Clair Audio Crew

  • Woody Woodard, Dan Laveglia, Pat O’Neil, Josh Weibel, Greg Mackey, Calvin Welshans, Robert Kosloski

InProduction looked after the riser seating. Photo by Todd Kaplan

InProduction Crew

Corey Ploetz, Joseph Donald Cicero, Erik Justin Steele, Jason David Howell

NEP handled the TV Production. Photo by Todd Kaplan

Legacy Power Crew

John Greenwood, Eric Richison, Jared Budrick, Majid Mossa, Dan Mendez, Kenneth Sheahan

StageCo took care of teh staging build. Photo by Todd Kaplan

Screenworks Video Crew

Kevin Hoyle, Neil Broome, Jeff Hoyle, Eric Nickloy, Andre Nolan, Jordan Bradley, John Hye, Juan Zaragoza, Jason Lowe, Demitro Duran, Ryan Edmunson, Adrian Brister, Nate Brister, Ritesh Patel, Pete Daniels Guy

Stage Call handled the trucking needs for the show. Photo by Todd Kaplan

StageCo Staging Crew

Jim Ramacus, Gilles Gemberling, Oskar Gentry, Cory Gross, Thomas Krof Jr., Fred Einhorn, Mark Van Gorp, Chris Bradshaw, Daniel Ravas, Reuben Sanchez, Josiah Turner

Photo by Todd Kaplan

Upstaging Crew

Matt Massoth (Crew Chief), Jason Blaylock, Nick Becker, Mike Jacobi, Brendan Murphy, Mark Sielig, Austin         Kenney, Jonathan Schneider (Upstaging Techs),

Photo by Todd Kaplan

Upstaging Crew/WrestleMania

Mark Powell (Crew Chief), John Chiodo, Andrea Fragoso, Jonathan Garcia, Ashley Gauger, Andrew Harvey, Nathan McCune, Brett Myers, Matt Partch, Jonathan Rice, Travis Robinson, Matt Rodewald, Tony Thompson, Josh Wagner, John Weston, Aaron Wimbush, Drew Winston

Upstaging Crew/Business Partners Summit

Dan Curley (Tech Director), Matt Bialek (Crew Chief/Programmer), Ryan Breneisen, Michelle Dezetter

Upstaging Crew/NXT Takeover

Eliot Harney (Crew Chief), Jonathan Montoya, Chris Baldwin (Axxess)


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