Coheed and Cambria/Taking Back Sunday Tour

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Robe MegaPointes were included in the Coheed and Cambria floor package. Photos by Victoria Hionis of Portraits Couture.

A Shared Experience with Different Visions

The Coheed and Cambria/Taking Back Sunday co-headlining summer tour sponsored by Live Nation is “unique in that it is  predominantly a good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll lighting show,” says Jason Reberski, owner and CEO of tour lighting vendor JR Lighting Design, Inc. Outside of I-Mag supplied at local venues, there were no major video scenic elements, with the visual focus on big, bold, lighting looks. Michael “Greek” Hionis and Eric Price, LDs for the two bands, respectively, worked with a shared overhead lighting system with a myriad of fixtures that deliver two distinct-looking shows. Each designer also created separate floor packages that further enhance the strengths and musicality of each act.

JR Lighting Design Inc. is a production rental touring house based in Tinley Park, IL, just outside of Chicago. “The word, ‘Design,’ in our name refers to systems design and engineering for installation and production/touring, not show or production design,” Reberski says. “We work closely with many talented designers to achieve their visions.” He adds that Kevin Rosenhagen, JR Lighting Design’s director of operations, is “an indispensable component of our team. He is a master of touring logistics and works tirelessly to support our customers. He is my ‘wingman.’”

The shared air rig consisted mainly of Martin MAC Vipers and Axioms, Robe Spiiders and Chauvet Rogue R2 washes with blinders and strobes. Both bands also made full use of the Robe Spiiders on the floor. On the downstage edge, a line of Elation Professional SixBar 1000s served as “chin fills” and color wash on the players.

“Having toured together before,” says Price, “when Mike and I found out this co-headliner was being planned, we immediately got on our phones. The main rig overhead was developed through a lot of collaboration over those calls.”

Custom-fabricated scenic pieces by JR Lighting Design put the signature stamp on each band. Coheed and Cambria’s flown “Keywork” set piece was designed by Hionis and his wife. “She is my inspiration,” Hionis says, crediting her for helping “build a unique theme/story for each design,” adding that she “deserves better than half the credit.”

The “Keywork” piece consisted of a custom-engineered ring and support structure from Tyler Truss. Photo: Victoria Hionis of Portraits Couture

The central focal point for the C&C show is the “Keywork” piece, which ties into The Armory Wars, a series of comic books penned by band frontman Claudio Sanchez. It’s a custom-engineered ring and support structure incorporating Tyler Truss, Martin MAC Auras, Chauvet COLORdash Accent Quads, custom-configured LED “neon” product and a touring control cabinet built by JR Lighting Design, Inc. which also handled the installation of the LED “neon.”

Coheed and Cambria’s floor package consisted of Robe MegaPointes, Chauvet Rogue R2 Washes, Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2’s, Elation Protron 3K LED Strobes and Tyler GT Truss.

Says Hionis, “Eric and I worked at a pretty hectic pace creating and pulling the elements of these two bands together. Once JR Lighting Design was on board, they really hit a home run for us and for the bands; everyone noticed.” Eric adds in agreement, “and JR’s techs, “Chud” and Benjamin, just nailed it every day.”

For Taking Back Sunday, LD Eric Price used Axioms and Mega Pointes to create powerful beam looks in large open air environments. Photo: Victoria Hionis of Portraits Couture

Taking Back Sunday had five 2’x4’ custom rolling set carts built by JR, which were then loaded with fixtures Price specified.

TBS took the stage before C&C, which was about 15 minutes after sunset, performing in partial daylight. “My band was really concerned with brightness so I loaded the set carts with CuePix WW 4’s, the JDC1’s and Mega Pointes,” says Price. The whole idea was to creating blinding looks from that vantage point.”

Though these were both heavily programmed shows, zero timecode was used,” says Reberski, “Both designers are so talented in their own styles. The different and variegated look that both of them achieved with the same shared part of the rig really speaks to their unique individual abilities and visions.” Hionis sums it up. “This was kind of a match made in heaven; everything just clicked.”

After rehearsals at Rock Lititz, the co-headlining tour ran from early July to late August. Coheed and Cambria are continuing to tour on their own through October with a JR Lighting Design, Inc. supplied package.

For more information on JR Lighting Design, visit

Price used Elation SixBar 1000s along with GLP JDC1s on the Taking Back Sunday floor package for crowd-blinding eye-candy. Photo: Victoria Hionis of Portraits Couture


Coheed and Cambria/Taking Back Sunday Tour


For Coheed and Cambria:

Show Designers: Blaze James, Michael “Greek” Hionis, Victoria Hionis

Lighting Co: JR Lighting Design Inc.

Account Managers: Jason Reberski, Kevin Rosenhagen

Lead Lighting Technician: Mark “Chud” Williams

Lighting Techs: Benjamin Jarrett, Michael “Greek” Hionis

Tour Manager: Chuck Andrews

Production Manager/FOH Engineer: Scott “Shreddy” Edwards

Rigger: Justin Mathis from To The Moon Rigging.

Transportation: Averitt On Tour Logistics

For Taking Back Sunday:

Lighting Design: Eric Price

Tour Manager/Production Manager: Andrew Sprague


Air/Floor Package (shared by Coheed and Cambria and Taking Back Sunday):

1 Custom JRLD FOH Luminex data rack

22   Robe Spiider Washes

28   Chauvet Rogue R2 Washes

22   Martin MAC Axiom Hybrids

12   Martin MAC Viper Profiles

13   Elation Cuepix Blinder WW4’s

11   Elation Protron 3K LED strobes

16   Elation Sixbar 1000’s

18   CM Classic 1-ton chain hoists

120’ Tyler Truss GT truss segments

4   Base Hazer Pro units

2   Antari Z-1500II fog generators

Taking Back Sunday Floor Package:

2   High End Systems Road Hog 4 consoles

6   Robe MegaPointes

6   Elation Sixbar 1000’s

6   GLP JDC1 strobes

5   Custom JRLD rolling lighting tour carts

Coheed and Cambria Floor Package:

2   grandMA2 Light Consoles

50’ Tyler Truss GT truss segments

12   Chauvet Rogue R2 Washes

12   Robe MegaPointes

4   Elation Protron 3000 LED strobes

11   Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2’s

10   Elation Sixbar 1000’s

1   12’x8’ Staging Dimensions Wunderstructure adjustable drum riser system

Coheed and Cambria Keywork Scenic Package (Flown):

2   Custom travel set carts

1   Custom support structure (built by Tyler Truss)

3   Custom 12” triangle truss circles (built by Tyler Truss)

19 Martin Professional MAC Aura Wash

26 Chauvet Professional COLORdash Accent Quad

1   Custom RGB LED “neon” system and rolling ventilated control cabinet (Built by JR Lighting Design, Inc.)

18 GLP Scenex RGB LED Spheres with custom stingers

4   CM Classic 1-ton chain hoists

4   CM Classic ½ ton chain hoists

40’ Tyler Truss 20.5” truss segments

40’ Tyler Truss 12” truss segments

1   Custom IFR vinyl backdrop with blow-through holes

Photo Credit: Victoria Hionis of Portraits Couture

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