At Marquee NYC, Steve Lieberman Reveals the Beams but Hides the Fixtures

by Jim Hutchison • in
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• Created: September 10, 2018

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At Marquee NYC, Steve Lieberman wants the visitor’s eye to be wowed by the “broad strokes” — in this case, a series of rectangles surrounding a key visual focal point, the spherical obelisk. Although the colors change, the club’s structural elements — a “rigid, repeating pattern of rectangles and squares” — doesn’t. Like many of Lieberman’s designs, one visual concept repeats itself throughout the club for maximum impact. And to pull this off, the visual design includes beams from fixtures, but the fixtures themselves are concealed. “Moving lights are great, but when you look up at the ceiling and there are a bunch of moving lights hanging down in plain view, they look like exactly that — big, black, moving boxes. We didn’t want the audience to be inundated with that shape.”

—Steve Lieberman, from “Installations,” PLSN, Aug. 2018, by Jim Hutchison

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