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• Created: August 12, 2019

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In the August 2019 issue of PLSN magazine, LD-at-Large Chris Lose discusses five ways to ensure that your 21st century crowd gets the best experience while viewing the entire production through their smartphone. The fifth is to augment their reality. “Accepting the fact that three quarters of the audience are already viewing the artist through their smartphones allows the designer to fully embrace modern technology. Placing augmented reality codes into the video allows the artist to let their imagination go wild. Through augmented reality, we can have a spaceship fly through the air and land on stage. AR allows the artist to have pyro spectaculars without getting a fire permit. AR will soon allow us to present an entire stage of backup dancers without the necessary buses, hotels and flight expenses. I cannot stress enough the impact that AR will have on our market. If you are reading this article from atop your Scrooge McDuck pile of money, I recommend you invest in AR now instead of playing catch-up later. You can thank me in the future.”

-Chris Lose, from “LD-at-Large,” PLSN, Aug. 2019, page 76

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