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Followspot Automation Benefits WE Day Event Design

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Tips & Tricks
• Created: November 5, 2018

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Jason McKinnon, LD and co-owner of Electric Aura Project Inc., has a long history working as the LD for WE Day tour each year. He recently adopted Follow-Me’s Remote Follow-Spot Control Software, which he lauded for safety and operator convenience and comfort, as an alternative to having operators climbing arena catwalks. Among the other advantages of the system, he said, were the fact that arenas in North America are often limited to having the house followspots positioned in the corners, not the center of the venue. McKinnon called Follow-Me software “the ideal solution,” not just for followspot operator logistics, but with the creative side of things. “I can put a light almost anywhere from any angle and height and track someone with it,” he noted. “We can choose any of the moving lights to use as followspots,” adding that operators work from the front of house instead of in the truss and can operate numerous lights at a time.

–From PLSN, Global News, Oct. 2018, page 14

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