Lighting Fixtures Can Double as Airplane Landing Lights

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• Created: August 6, 2018

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No, not for a real plane, but for the gag where Dierks Bentley is piloting a faux plane above the audience, 12 Chauvet Professional Strike 1 Blinders fit the bill. Part of the production design by Bruce Rodgers and Tribe Inc. for Bentley’s “Drunk on a Plane” song, the use of the Strike 1’s as landing lights took off when lighting and scenic designer Chris Reade of KYVA Design was collaborating on the design with Rodgers and production manager Jay Ballinger. Along with the 12 fixtures lining the wings of the plane, Reade’s design for the show includes 12 other Strike 1 fixtures under the B stage to create a warm uplighting glow.

-From “Industry News,” PLSN, July 2018 page 8

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