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Lighting Radio Shows…For the Camera

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Tips & Tricks
• Created: February 5, 2018

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LD Jeffrey W. Pardee notes that “radio shows,” such as the REAL 92.3 “Real Show” at the L.A. Forum, should be optimally lit for the camera as well as the live audience. Radio shows are essentially promotional events for the artists the station lines up. In the barricade, on stage, everywhere are hundreds of photographers. Cameras will be onsite broadcasting the show as well. That’s why Pardee color-corrects for the camera where possible, employing a little TV/film trick he learned when lighting broadcast shows. “I dial all my color presets differently for the camera. It may not be a vibrant red for the audiences, per se, but your cameras are going to get all those beautiful colors and shots.” He works off a live I-Mag feed to accomplish this.

—Mike Wharton, from “Lighting a Radio Show,” PLSN, Jan. 2018 page 44.

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