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Theatrical Productions vs. Concerts

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Tips & Tricks
• Created: April 16, 2018

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When programming automated lighting for a theatrical production, one must consider the nature of the show. Unlike a concert event, where each song has its own cuelist and page, a theatrical event will likely be organized in an efficient and repeatable manner. Typically, this means that a single cuelist will be used for all the cues in the entire show. Or perhaps, there could be a cuelist for Act I and another for Act II. If working with a musical, the cues for the individual songs will usually be contained within the show’s main cuelist. Each and every cue should be clearly labeled in terms of cue number, name and description. This will help the operator understand which cue is which, when to take the cue, and perhaps the purpose of the cue.

-Brad Schiller, from “Feeding the Machines,” PLSN, April 2018 page 73

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