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Buyer’s Guide

Lighting Consoles

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • October 2018
• October 13, 2018
A lighting console can be thought of as a tool that a lighting artist uses. But different artists require different tools to illuminate their canvases. A DJ facing budget, space and portability constraints may do well to have something small that can operate four moving lights plus a handful of conventional fixtures. An easy-to-learn console […] Read More...

LED Tape and Bendable LED Products

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • September 2018
• September 14, 2018
LED tape as well as faux neon and other bendable LED products have become the norm on most televised programs. Whether it’s a variety special, a house of worship or a newscast, one sees these products constantly – except when we don’t see them, which is often the case as well. When we don’t see […] Read More...

Lighting Software

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • August 2018
  • Buyer's Guide
• August 9, 2018
This month, PLSN combed the internet to see just how many different lighting software programs there are out there. We were pleased to find so much more than just a few CAD programs, often mixed with previsualization packages for drawing light plots. We found software that takes care of your paperwork for you. We found […] Read More...

Arc-Sourced Moving Lights

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • July 2018
• July 13, 2018
There are still people declaring the death of the discharge bulb is imminent. But don’t try to tell that to the thousands of buyers still purchasing these lights each year, or Philips, which keep making arc-sourced bulbs brighter, more efficient and longer lasting. Among the models still available: the ADJ Vizi CMY 16RX, Blizzard Kryo.Mix […] Read More...

Media Servers

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • June 2018
• June 4, 2018
Media servers have certainly advanced in the two years since we last covered this category in PLSN’S Buyers Guide. Many now incorporate extra FX for manipulating live camera inputs, such as Notch and Video Dust. Many companies now offer software, and whatever hardware one chooses to install it on dictates your limitations. The addition of […] Read More...

LED Pars

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • May 2018
• May 14, 2018
Ever since the first LED “Pars” came on the scene a dozen years ago, the “Par” part has been a misnomer. Originally an acronym for “Parabolic Aluminized Reflector,” PAR fixtures made efficient use of an inefficient bulb’s luminous output by reflecting and directing the brightness in a desired direction. LED Pars, by contrast, just use […] Read More...

Lights Made for Camera Use

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • April 2018
  • Buyer's Guide
• April 12, 2018
The lines of lighting fixtures made for use with cameras differs immensely from those made to illuminate live events. These fixtures are more designed to illuminate the actors and their sur-roundings in more natural ways, with limited use of fixtures that would leave shadows. Companies such as Aadyn Tech and BB&S are dedicated to only making these type fixtures, while other large companies such as Philips Strand division make ample numbers of products designed for camera use along with other lighting fixtures designed for the live stage. Read More...

Hand Tools

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • March 2018
• March 12, 2018
Having the ultimate set of hand tools can make you the most popular tech on a tour. It also means you will constantly be updating your kit with newer models as you replace the tools that were permanently borrowed, as well as all the expendables (screws, rivets, tape) exhausted. PLSN reached out to several online forums to ask what tool was their most indispensable. Read More...

White LED Lights

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • Current Issue
  • February 2018
• February 16, 2018
If there is one category that has changed dramatically over the last few years, it would be moving heads with white-light only LED light sources. Three years ago, all the major manufacturers offered at least a pancake LED fixture. With a few notable exceptions — Claypaky has an excellent one — not as many of these particular fixtures are offered these days. So for PLSN’s Buyers Guide this month, we decided to run the gamut, expanding the focus to include all kinds of products with a white light LED light source, ranging from LED tape to spotlights and lights designed for use with a camera. Read More...

Chain Hoists and Winches

Nook Schoenfeld •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • January 2018
• January 11, 2018
Whether you are lifting something up or pulling it across a stage, the one constant in all live productions is it has to work every time on command and be able to handle the load. There are many devices made to handle different weights and moving them at certain speeds. Variable speeds are great for moving trusses and scenery quickly. But more often, the user just wants a steady, safe speed when lifting heavy objects. This month we have the best of both worlds, as you choose the best gear for your application. Read More...
PLSN Dec. 2017 Buyers Guide -Strobes


PLSN Staff •
  • Articles
  • Buyer's Guide
  • December 2017
• December 14, 2017

The days of xenon bulbs in strobes is just about over. Diversitronics, the one-time leader in the market, has stopped making fixtures, but they still sell bulbs. Solaris Strobe still offers one, and you may still be able to find a Lightning Strike in a Hollywood shop. The GAM Star Strobe (marketed by Rosco) is now a double-ended xenon flicker, but everyone else is now LED. The Martin Atomic got itself an Aura. The Ayrton MagicBurst is a strobe machine unlike any other. GLP may just be the leader these days with lots of functions — and a strobe with a tilt function. And all these babies are bright. Happy shopping, and be glad you’re just looking a photos and not actual units fired up at 100 percent.

PLSN Nov 2017 Buyers Guide - LED Source Hard Edge Spots

LED Source Hard Edge Spots

PLSN Staff •
  • Buyer's Guide
  • November 2017
• November 9, 2017
It’s only been two years since we last checked in on what fixtures were on the market in this category. We’re back so quickly because the rise in LED sourced hard edge movers has been meteoric. The lumens have arrived, but the way everyone is achieving them is different. There are now models of every […] Read More...

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