White Light LED Fixtures for TV and Film

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White Light LED Fixtures for TV and FilmLighting for the camera and for the eye are two different things.  Naturally, the eye is a bit more forgiving as it has less sensitivity and automatically makes things somewhat balanced. The camera acts similarly to the eye, but since it’s not directly connected to a brain, it requires much more attention to certain levels of light and other details to create a clean and balanced image on screen.

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LED fixtures seem to be getting brighter and more powerful by the week.  Since the last time the PLSN Buyers Guide focused on White Light LED fixtures for TV and Film (April, 2013), the market has grown along with the range of fixtures now ready to serve as viable replacements for traditional tungsten fixtures.

As with any Buyers Guide, we encourage you to take what you read from these pages as your first step into the vast world of LEDs for this market. You may feel a little like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, but a veritable wonderland of energy-saving LED technology awaits — and lighting manufacturers are likely to be a lot more pleasant upon your arrival than the characters Alice encountered.

Happy hunting!