LED Pixel Mapping & Zone Controllable Moving Heads

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PLSN Dec 2014 Buyers GuideA wash light is a wash light right?  Not since LEDs made their way into our world.  When manufacturers started to incorporate LEDs into wash fixtures, it was just that, a wash fixture. They had the added benefit of energy savings and almost every single color available from the rainbow.

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Some manufacturers were quick to realize that maybe turning the moving heads towards the audience and putting simple shapes and color combinations on the font of the fixture might make some interesting eye candy effects.

When those first fixtures offered that feature, LDs were besides themselves.  Another tool in the tool box to add another dimension of light.  The capabilities of these pixel mapping and zone controllable fixtures have been exploding as of late.  First came the zone control or cluster control of LEDs. LDs wanted more, and they got it with individual pixel control of all of the LEDs.  Instead of relying on the simple shapes and designs that manufacturers included via a control channel, an LD can make their own patterns, chases and combinations coming out the front of the lens.

With individual pixel control and zone controls come more channels of control and, usually, additional programming time.  Most manufacturers still include macros and control channels for prebuilt effects. With some of the advancements of control consoles in the past few years, controlling a 100+ channel device can be done with software on your given console.  Another option available with some fixtures is Kling-Net control.  Send an image or video through ArKaos, and Pixel mapper and Kling-net take care of the rest.

Not all pixel-mapping and zone control fixtures are built the same, nor do they offer identical features.  After reviewing what is available from our Buyers Guide, take to YouTube and check out the product demos that these manufacturers offer to see what features their products offer.  Once you narrow it down, an in-person demo is the next (and highly recommended) step before making your final purchase decision.