LED Displays

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PLSN February 2015 Buyer's Guide - Truss ProductsI like the vast array of different LED displays that have sprung up in the last two years. Flexible screens, various sized LED tiles and pixel pitches. New hard strips of LED to replace the LED tape we all have been trying to use the last few years. There are models for outdoor use as well as indoor applications, and there are some that can stand a little rain in between. This year I have seen video tiles designed for stadium scoreboards as well as affordable tiles for DJ platforms and LED video products ranging from 2mm pixel pitch to single LEDs measuring 12 inches in diameter. Whatever you are looking for, one of these manufacturers is sure to have it, and what better place to look for LED display manufacturers then right here in the PLSN Buyers Guide.

To download a PDF of the PLSN Feb. 2015 Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE.