LED Tape and Rope

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There are few better ways to sparkle up a tradeshow booth or stage design then through the use of some rows of brightly colored LEDs. Each year new improved models of LED products appear. There are more than 600 manufacturers of LED tape alone in the world. We contacted reputable dealers to see what they had to offer.

To download a PDF of the PLSN September 2015 Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE.

Some brands offer individual control of each pixel, while others are controlled “On Board” style where a whole strip of LEDs always maintains the same color. Certain models allow the user to calibrate their brightness so new fixtures match existing tape inventory one already owns. Certain types are acceptable to inclement weather while others demand interior use only. Blizzard just came up with a UV version. LED rope light and bendable forms resembling neon are now available and worth checking in to.