Custom Road Cases

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PLSN Nov 2012 Buyers Guide - Custom Road CasesWe spend thousands — no, hundreds of thousands of dollars — on lighting, staging, audio and equipment for productions. Most of the equipment is road-ready and can handle bouncing around in a truck on its own. Anyone in their right mind would never do that, though! Why risk something breaking or getting smashed by truss loosely packed?

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This month we look at protecting that gear. Most new equipment comes with the option of a road case, and most of those road cases are built as OEM products by the companies listed below. Then there are those instances where a truly custom-designed and built case is required. Most of the companies in this month’s Buyers Guide handle that kind of business as well.

Typically, the PLSN Buyers Guide compares products of a specific type, such as LED wash lights or lighting consoles. Comparing companies with custom road case manufacturing is different than comparing a similar set of finished products, however. We’re talking more about custom manufacturing capabilities than finished product specs and standardized MSRPs.