Hazers and Foggers

in Buyer's Guides

PLSN Dec 2012 Buyers Guide - Hazers and FoggersThe hallmark of magic, as a form of entertainment, is to amaze the audience with the seemingly-impossible — to make the viewers disbelieve what they’ve just witnessed with their own eyes. And the classic tools for magicians, of course, are smoke and mirrors.  Atmospheric effects can be used for a lot more than just an attempt to fool or distract the eye, however. From mood-setting low-lying fog effects to beam-amplifying wafts of haze, they’ve become an integral part of the visual designer’s live show vocabulary.

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Magicians may be reluctant to reveal their secrets, but manufacturers of haze, smoke and fog machines are happy to demonstrate exactly what makes their product a better purchase than anything else out there — with detailed spec sheets instead of smoke and mirrors.

There’s nothing really mystical or magic about the Buyers Guide that follows, either. We’ve provided it as a clear-eyed view of the various products now on the market — along with fluid types, methods of vaporization, propulsion and control, physical dimensions, weight and, of course, price. For those seeking more information, we’ve provided the website URLs for each manufacturer as well.