Roof Systems

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Deep Throat: Follow the money.
Bob Woodward: What do you mean? Where?
Deep Throat: Oh, I can’t tell you that.
Bob Woodward: But you could tell me that.
Deep Throat: No, I have to do this my way. You tell me what you know, and I’ll confirm. I’ll keep you in the right direction if I can, but that’s all. Just…follow the money.

The music industry has been turned on its ear since the Internet made it easy to transfer digital files. It’s hard enough for bands to make money from the sales of their recordings these days that they’ve had to take drastic measures and go on the road to make money.

If you follow the money in the music business you’ll find that there’s one undeniable truth that doesn’t change with the times — people like to go to shows. And they’ll pay for the pleasure of doing so. Thank goodness for that.

When people buy tickets it keeps the bands in business and that, in turn, keeps you and me in business. And the economics of the business have to make sense for the business to survive. Just ask Goldman Sachs or General Motors.

In the last few years, festivals like Bonnaroo, Cochella and ACL Fest have been growing in size. As the economy continues to struggle, festivals will continue to gain in popularity and the demand for labor and equipment to support them will gain in strength. Since many of these events are held in large fields and empty lots, everything, including shelter for the performers, has to be brought in. One of the keys to making outdoor shows work is the portable stage and roof system.

Today’s roof systems are engineered to provide a safe and flexible means of providing shelter in rain or shine, and they are typically designed to withstand high winds in the event of a storm. They’re made to be assembled in a short amount of time with a minimum number of crew and most are designed to safely support the large lighting, video, and audio systems that we’ve come to expect from our shows.

But like many other components of our shows, they can also present hazards if they are not specified, assembled, and disassembled correctly. It takes some know-how, care and common sense to insure the safe deployment of anything that will be flown over people’s heads.

With this Buyer’s Guide you can get a quick glimpse into some of the latest roof systems available. Have fun with them and be safe.