Color Scrollers

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If you’re old enough to have gone to a concert in 1979, and then the next concert you went to was not until 1981, then you would have noticed a huge step up in production values. Not only were automated lights introduced in the interim, but also color scrollers as well.  

Scrollers were invented by Keny Whitright, the current president of Wybron, in his garage in 1980. If you search YouTube for “1979 concert” you’ll find a number of colorless or minimally colored concerts including an AC/DC in Cleveland. Contrast and compare that to what you find when you search for “1981 concert” or “1982 concert,” like the much more colorful 1981 Journey concert in Houston or the 1982 Queen concert in England.

The longevity of color scrollers is a testament to their utility. They allow you to get dozens and dozens of colors and moods from the same set of instruments without changing their projection angle, both of which are important considerations for lighting designers. But color scrollers are not a stagnant technology; they have changed considerably in their 29 years. Today’s scrollers can mix color and report back to the controller, and they won’t break the bank.

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