Portable Dimmers

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Only a dimmer tech could come up with a term of endearment that we know as “dimmer beach.” It conjures images of lounge chairs, exotic drinks, sand, surf and bikinis. In reality, dimmer beach is not for the faint of heart. It’s typically very loud, hot, and cable is strewn about like vines in the Amazon. And if anything goes wrong, it’s typically the first location to be yelled at through the comm system. The term clearly overstates the reality. 

But with the latest dimmer technology, at least, the trouble calls come fewer and farther between. State-of-the-art dimming is generally very reliable, easy to troubleshoot and service, and it comes packaged for quick load-in and load-out. The life of a dimmer tech is not so bad after all.

Features like modular components, LED indicators and overload protection keep the dimmer techs of the world comfy and much more settled at dimmer beach. And some dimmers also have remote sensing so the console operator is alerted should any problems arise. In fact, ETC recently added RDM capabilities in their new SmartBar 2 dimmer bars. Not only will it allow the operator to monitor the status of the dimmer but it will also allow them to change the DMX address. Dimmer techs never had it so good.

To learn more about the latest on portable dimmers, turn the page and check out the PLSN Buyers Guide on portable dimming. It lists all the specs for several portable dimmers including the rise time, the efficiency and more. The rise time is a measure of how much the dimmer limits the overshoot current when the switch turns on. A high rise time is better than a low rise time because it protects the components from the effects of large currents and rapid changes in temperature. The efficiency is a measure of how much energy is lost to heat compared to how much total energy is used.

After you look over the chart, fix yourself an exotic drink, put on your flip-flops and head out to dimmer beach for some real fun.