Smart Phone Apps

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You need go no farther than your local concert hall to see how the smart phone is shaping our lives. Take a seat in the upper level, look down at the audience, and what do you see? A virtual sea of miniature video screens capturing stills and video of the performance on stage. But the influence of the smart phone goes much deeper than photos, Twitter feeds, and IM.

The rapidly-increasing capability and miniaturization of the computer is putting enough power in our pockets to change the world as we know it. It wasn't too long ago when information like user manuals and product specs had to be mailed or faxed, neither or which was particularly fast or convenient. Along came the Internet and now this information, and much more, is only a few clicks away - as long as you can connect to the Internet. But the smart phone marries the computational power of a computer with access the Internet wherever you can make a cell phone call. If you've ever been in an unfamiliar town and used its built-in GPS and mapping feature to find directions, restaurants, and coffee houses, then you can truly appreciate its power and convenience.


New applications for the smart phone are focusing those resources on the live event production industry. The result is an explosion of iPhone and iTouch apps for lighting, rigging, and production, and we've only scratched the proverbial surface. As computers and smart phones become smarter and even more powerful, the ways in which we use them for our jobs in increase as will our dependence on them to get our jobs done.


For now, here is a sample of just some of the applications available for the iPhone and iTouch today.