Portable Power Distribution

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When the show must go on, the power must first be applied. To apply it correctly it must be applied safely, and that's where all those codes and regulations come in.

If you read the National Electrical Code (or the Canadian Electrical Code, the British Wiring Regulations in the UK, or any of the equivalents in other countries) and you are able to properly decipher them, then you might be capable of building your own portable power distribution system and use it successfully without hurting yourself or anyone else. Good luck with that.


Or you could simply tap into one of several good manufactured portable power distros that are currently available on the market. They are often designed by people who have been involved in quadrillions of shows, from the extremely large to the everyday commonplace show like the one you're doing next week.


What's that you say? You want to save money by building your own? There are some things on which you just don't want to cut corners. Heart surgery and safety come to mind. So before you venture to Home Depot and buy some Romex, electrical tape, j-boxes, and plywood, check out these professionally designed and built portable power distribution units.


Do they cost more than what you might be able to cobble together? Sure, but you'll pay considerably less than a negligence lawsuit.