Moving Yoke LED Fixtures

in Buyer's Guides

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LEDs have been doubling in brightness every 18 to 24 months for the past 45 years. That trend continues today, and the pièce de résistance is that the prices have been steadily falling. But all of that means very little if LED fixtures can't compete with more conventional stage lighting.

Last January I had the opportunity to see Daughtry in concert and it was the first time I saw an LED fixture producing an aerial beam that looked as bright or brighter than a high powered discharge automated light. The co-lighting designer, Matt Mills, had placed a few GLP Impression LED fixtures on stirrups in close proximity to Martin MAC 2000 Wash fixtures. Not only did they hold their own but they were sufficiently bright enough that I found myself looking back and forth trying to decide which was brighter. And that was in white light. In colors I thought the Impressions looked brighter, though my eyes have been known to trick me before.


But the Impressions aren't the only LED fixtures to capture my imagination lately. Last LDI we all saw the Strong Solutions LED fixture projecting across the exhibit hall and plastering an impressively intense beam on the opposite wall. And then there's the Philips/Color Kinetics ColorReach, the PixelRange SkyLine, and so many, many more.


Unfortunately we don't have unlimited space, so we chose to focus on moving yoke LED fixtures in this Buyer's Guide. It's a handy reference for the interested lighting professional to keep up with the fast-changing landscape of the LED luminaire. And if you're a lighting professional you should be interested, so have a look. But you had better hurry because in another few months - or is it days? Hours? - they will be even brighter.