PC-Based Controllers

in Buyer's Guides

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If any single technology has the ability to dramatically change the production industry, it has to be computers. When processing power goes up, so does our ability to integrate more features and handle more tasks. When memory density increases, so do our options and capabilities for storage, features and functions.  

When prices drop, more technology can be automated and computerized, and more access is provided to better technology. When graphics improve, so does our ability to visualize and render designs, monitor functions and blur the lines between reality and cyberspace. When our networking capabilities and bandwidth increase, so does our ability to shuffle larger amounts of data, including real-time video streaming and multi-user networking. When new form factors appear, like the iPad, PDA and smart phones, new ways of interfacing to our systems make way for new concepts and ideas. And when all of these things happen, it has the ability to completely change the way we produce shows.


The computer has not only changed the way we use production technology, it has changed the way we think about and organize shows. We organize our thoughts and flesh out our designs on them, render and visualize them, track changes and make notes about shows with them, and we also use them to create, store and recall looks with them. And as we gradually assimilate the hardware into our technology, the software continues to evolve and develop. The latest developments in PC-based control systems take full advantage of the power of the PC, delivering features that were impossible to achieve only a few years ago.


This month's Buyer's Guide features a range of PC-based lighting control systems designed for a variety of uses across the industry. If you haven't been keeping up with the technology, you're in for a pleasant surprise.