LED Automated Luminaires

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According to Bob Dylan, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. And from all indications, there's a hurricane outside, and it's raining LED fixtures. That should come as no big surprise to anyone with a pulse and a business card in this industry, but what might be surprising is the sheer number of new automated lights with LED engines.  

The last time PLSN surveyed the industry, the number of pan and tilt LED fixtures was barely enough to fill the pages of the Buyers Guide. Now we have to limit the number of listings in order to fit all of the manufacturers, and even then it was challenging.


Why the balloon in LED automated luminaires?


We're passing that inflection point where the intensity of LEDs is no longer in question. The intensity of LED fixtures is now highly competitive with "conventional" automated lights. The prices are still coming down, and all of the other issues that used to plague LED fixtures, like flicker, steppy dimming and low CRI, are falling like dragons in a fairytale. And the knight in shining armor is wielding an LED saber. The industry is far more accepting of reasonably-priced automated lights with long-life sources that lend themselves to color mixing and are small and more efficient to boot. The LED automated lighting fixture has arrived.


On the following pages, the list of LED automated luminaires is far from being all inclusive. This is but a truncated sample of participating manufacturer's listings of products that fit this category.