Club Lighting Effect Fixtures

in Buyer's Guides

Club lighting effects fixtures is a broad category — much broader than, say, ERS fixtures. When you think of a club lighting effect fixture, it is typically a device that operates with sound activation or simple controls in order to provide light movement on a dance floor. There are no set parameters of what falls into the category — opinions vary by whom you ask.

This month’s Buyers Guide could fill the entire magazine with fixtures from some of the leading club and DJ effect manufacturers. We had to narrow the field down to three fixtures per manufacturer. The spectrum of fixtures varies from less expensive fixtures to moving digital projectors and everything in between.

Breaking down and comparing effects fixtures is a tough task. You can easily compare numbers and features from the Buyers Guide, but when it comes to truly understanding any lighting fixture, seeing is believing. In addition to the overview presented here, please be sure to visit for a links to even more information.

Also be sure to check out the demonstration videos most manufacturers offer on their websites. These resources will help narrow down the wide array of choices before committing your time to a live demo.

To download a PDF of the June 2011 PLSN Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE.