Truss Products

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In my younger years, I loved building blocks.  I could sit there for hours and hours creating something with these simple toys. After growing up a bit, I still get to “play” with building blocks. Only they are a bit more expensive per piece.

Truss products really are the building blocks of the industry.  Not only do they provide a support system to hang things from, they also offer decorative options. You can build a simple goal post with just a couple of sticks of truss and corner blocks to entire rigs that fill the air above the stage and move with the help of motors.

There is a wide range of trussing options available from numerous manufacturers.  There are different sizes of truss to suit almost any of our needs. Picking out a piece of truss is a daunting task, as there are different widths, lengths and weight loads available.  Not to mention corner blocks, angle pieces, circular, triangle pieces and connection types.

When designing a truss system, it is always recommended to talk with the manufacturer to get the right type of truss for the right project. The listing of truss products here is only a starting point. You can visit to view the expanded version.