Automated Profile Fixtures

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Automated Profile FixturesTo download a PDF of the 2011 PLSN Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE.

You say potato, I say tomato. The definition of an automated profile fixture can be elusive. Ask two people, and they will give you two totally different descriptions of this category of fixtures.  For this month’s Buyers Guide, I kept to the root meaning of the words.

Automated: verb [ with obj. ] convert (a process or facility) to largely automatic operation: (as adj. automated) : a fully automated process.

When using “automated” to describe a fixture, most people understand it to mean fixtures that are adjusted remotely — and not just via electricians responding to an LD barking commands. That LD may be “remotely” adjusting the fixture, but “automated” means controlling the fixture through the board, not through the electrician.

Profile: commonly defined as: … a dual plano-convex lens (two plano-convex lenses facing each other in the barrel), and at the front, a gel frame to hold the color gel. The light from the lamp is efficiently gathered by the ellipsoidal reflector and sent forward through the gate, shutters and lens system.

This definition is commonly associated with Ellipsoidal Reflector Spots, (i.e., ERS or Leko). The same general definition can be held true for an automated profile or spot fixture — any fixture that uses a lens system to create definable pools of light or shapes with the aid of a gobo.

When we combine the definitions, a remotely operated fixture that can project a definable pool of light and/or projections, we have our guidelines for this month’s Buyers Guide.

Simply listing all the varieties of fixtures that fit within this wide category of gear could easily fill up another issue of the magazine. So, until we get the green light for putting out a 13th issue of PLSN, we’ll have to make do with a sampling of products, and not the full shebang. (You can, however, find an extended version of this month’s Buyers Guide online. Go to