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Lighting a stage is one thing. To follow a performer on stage requires a different kind of art and skill. It might seem simple: take a light, turn it on and move it to follow the performer. But what about picking up a performer in a blackout, irised to 50, in frame 4, with a bump to open the fourth beat?


Yeah, it can be a little more complicated then it first sounded, right? It takes a skilled stagehand to keep a followspot running in synch with the LD’s commands. My hat goes off to those that have this ability to wield these fixtures and to keep up as those commands come in fast and furious over the headset.

LDs have a number of options, functions, accessories and size factors to choose from when specifying a followspot for an event.  Followspots come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small and portable for throws under 50 feet to massive fixtures able to hit a stage 300+ feet away.

Finding the right followspot starts with figuring out your maximum throw distance for the space. After that, you need to decide which lamp type provides the best illumination on stage based on light levels from your rig. Beyond that, there are even more options and features to consider.

This month’s buyers Guide provides an overview of the types of fixtures that are available.  You can visit manufacturers websites for more detailed information and to inquire about demos in your area.