Chain Hoists

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How do you raise the roof in our industry? Easy, use a pickle! I recently told that joke to some friends. Rather then laughing with me, they laughed at me. I know, it is a weak joke, but if you can’t laugh at yourself, whom can you laugh at?



Chain hoists in our industry are as commonplace as a runny nose in a kindergarten class. They are everywhere. Every major tour out there has a minimum of 30 motors on tour. Not to mention corporate gigs, smaller tours and countless installations. They are often the less-talked about piece of equipment on a gig, other then making sure the correct size motor is used for a given weight load.

Finding the correct motor for a lift is well beyond the scope of this month’s Buyers Guide. Instead, we are profiling a sample of the chain hoist motors from the top manufacturers. To find a chain hoist to suit your needs, you’ll want to have some in-depth discussions with other members of the production staff, your supplier and the manufacturers below.

When you do find the right chain hoist for your needs, don’t forget to order the pickle! Happy hunting and safe lifting.