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PLSN March 2012 Buyers Guide"Apps" is a relatively new term. Not just for the entertainment industry, but the entire mobile device market. Apps are those little icons that live on our smart phones and let us play games or actually do work. In this months Buyer’s Guide, we explore the vast digital ocean of apps designed specifically for the entertainment industry on the Apple iOS.

In previous years, this Buyer’s Guide would have taken just half a page in PLSN. Fast-forward to today, and we don’t have enough room to cover every app out there! The app market has exploded with apps directly and indirectly geared towards making our lives easier. Then there is the app market for the Android and Blackberry. While not as saturated as the Apple market, we’ll focus on those app markets at a later date.

We have broken down the Buyer’s Guide into more manageable chunks. Apps that work as Remote Focus Units for consoles, standalone controls on the device, reference apps, rigging and then other apps related, but not directly designed for our industry.

While you are looking for apps for your Apple device, don’t forget to get the FREE PLSN app! If you don’t own an Apple device... stay tuned, Android is up next!

To download the March 2012 PLSN Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE.