White Light LED Fixtures

in Buyer's Guides

PLSN Buyers Guide April 2012When we first started to see LEDs being used in entertainment lighting a few years ago, we all asked, “When will they be ready from prime time?” In the past two years, LEDs have made huge improvements. And as the quality of light being produced has increased, prices have come down.

While still pricier than conventional fixtures, when you factor in their life expectancy and energy usage, the total cost of ownership over the life of each fixtures makes them much more cost-competitive for those who can get past the initial sticker shock.

This month’s focus on White Light LED fixtures brings fixtures that are intended for TV and film lighting front and center. All promise bright light output, precise color rendering and lower power draw.

And with less heat generated than their conventional alternatives, there’s less of a need for noisy fans. That will help everyone hear the director when he yells, “Quiet on the set!”

For a PDF of the PLSN April 2012 Buyers Guide, CLICK HERE.