Portable Power Distro

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PLSN 2012 May Buyers GuideHow do you turn on a lamp? With electricity, of course!  Enough with the lame jokes. In order for anything to happen on stage, from running truss up to getting sound out of a speaker, you need power. Not just any power will do either, you need the correct type of power.

In steps the power distribution. It does exactly as it sounds and then some. Feed these power hungry boxes, and they’ll supply you the correct voltage, wattage and amperage you need. Sounds like a simple task. Have you ever looked inside of one of these? It may look like a mess of wire spaghetti, but everything has a purpose.

If not for portable power distro, road houses would have banks full of Edison and Twist-Lock outlets. Talk about a wiring nightmare. The cable runs themselves would look like black vines taking over backstage.

Portable PDs are an important part of the entertainment world. When considering PD options, it is more then picking something out of a catalog, it’s working with the manufacturer to build the right PD with the correct connections for your rig.

This month’s Buyers Guide can serve as a starting point. The best connection you can make, ultimately, is with the people at the companies listed below. There may be a standard option that will work, but why not get the perfect PD to fit your needs?

To download a PDF of the PLSN May 2012 Buyers Guide, please CLICK HERE.