LED Display Systems

in Buyer's Guides

PLSN June 2012 Buyers GuideDisplays systems are becoming the standard on almost every tour out there. Finding the right display involves considering the location of the screen relative to the audience. The goal is to provide the viewer in every seat with a sharp, seamless video image. Pixel density, or pixel pitch, determines how close the individual LEDs are together.  This will need to be matched with viewing distances to gauge the right product for each application.

Another aspect to consider is whether to go with a solid or semi-transparent systems.  With larger pixel pitch systems, placing fixtures behind the screen can allow for interesting effects — not just from the content being projected, but including movement through the screen from beam fixtures blasting forth from behind the display.

If you are looking for systems to wrap around scenic elements our having a curved surface, a number of manufactures offer flexible screens as well.  The options are abundant! Use this month’s Buyer’s Guide as a starting off point to wade the ocean of LED display systems out there.

To download a PDF of the PLSN May 2012 Buyers Guide, please CLICK HERE.