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The December 2017 Digital Edition

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Articles from the December 2017 Issue

Song Liling (Jin Ha) during a colorful performance. Photo by Matthew Murphy

M. Butterfly

Bryan Reesman • Articles, Inside Theater, December 2017 • December 14, 2017
Song Liling (Jin Ha) during a colorful performance. Photo by Matthew Murphy

David Henry Hwang’s play M. Butterfly re-emerges at a relevant moment in our history as the show delves into politics, gender identity and cultural stereotyping of the East by the West. Featuring some new material written in by Hwang to update it, the Broadway revival, the first since its original 1988-1990 run, was directed by Julie Taymor (of Spider-Man and Lion King fame), who is known for large, lavish productions.

Fig. 1A

3D Pixel Mapping on a 2D Screen

Vickie Claiborne • Articles, Video Digerati, December 2017 • December 14, 2017

As pixel mapping is becoming more and more commonplace in the lighting world, and LEDs are being incorporated into 3D configurations to create scenic objects like chandeliers and cubes, the challenge of programming them increases. Instead of looking at the pixels in a 2D flat “plan” view, now we’re beginning to think about looking at pixels from all sides and angles.

Katy Perry Witness - The Tour 2017 photo by Steve Jennings

Katy Perry – ‘Witness:’ The Tour

Steve Jennings (Photo and Text) • Articles, Cover Story, December 2017 • December 14, 2017

The current Katy Perry tour brought in a top-notch team with the return of longtime lighting designer Baz Halpin, who this time around is also producer for the tour. Halpin worked with the creative/show directors and choreography team of Antony “Ant” Ginandjar and Ashley “Ash” Evans of The Squared Division, with the company offering creative production and concepts for stage and screen. Back on board are associate lighting designer, lighting and video programmer Eric Marchwinski, lighting director, lighting and video programmer Drew Gnagey and production manager Jay Schmit, who’s been with Perry for the past seven and a half years.

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Switcher

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Switcher

Jeff Gooch • Articles, Road Tests, December 2017 • December 14, 2017

Video switchers are not sexy. At least the smaller frames. Let’s face it, in terms of sheer eye candy, small event video switchers take a back seat to their audio and lighting cousins.

It’s a general rule that the larger the console, the more bells and whistles and consequently more blinky lights and buttons. The smaller fare is basic because they tend to be more utility than glam. There’s only so much you can fit in a frame anyway.

PRG provuded the screens above the stage. All photos by Steve Jennings

Arcade Fire’s ‘Infinite Content’ Tour

Steve Jennings (Photo and Text) • Articles, Designer Insights, December 2017 • December 14, 2017

We caught up with Canadian rock band Arcade Fire on their “Infinite Content” tour in Denver, CO, where the eight member band, including husband and wife Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, Win’s brother William Butler and the rest of the band swap places and an array of instruments throughout the show. The tour continues into 2018 for dates in the United Kingdom and ends in March in Madrid, Spain. We spoke with creative director Tarik Mikou (of Moment Factory), lighting designer & director Chris Bushell and video director Icarus Wilson-Wright.


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