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The October 2017 Digital Edition

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Articles from the October 2017 Issue

The nightclub turned to Tirso Lighting for the upgrade.

NYC’s Arka Room

Richard Olson • Installations, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Tirso Lighting Helps a Popular Manhattan Nightspot Rebrand

Arka Lounge operated for 16 years as one of the more successful nightspots in the Washington Heights area of upper Manhattan. Rebranded last December as Arka Room, owners of this sophisticated, intimate place to party are hoping for the same run of success they enjoyed for nearly two decades.

‘We knew social media was a key role to the ministry and a major outreach in the way the pastor wanted people to experience it,’ says Donnie Haulk, president and CEO of AE Global Media. ‘My idea was to make it appeal from wherever they were and the impression would be positive. So that was the basis of the redesign.’

Redemption Church: A Renovation Driven by Social Media

Debi Moen • October 2017, Video Production • October 12, 2017

A selfie is responsible for setting off a massive three-year technology renovation at the Redemption Church in Greenville, SC.

Since founding the church in 1991, Pastor Ron Carpenter sought new ways to spread the church’s religious messages. As his popularity grew, so did the rise of social media.

Hurricane Harvey/NOAA Satellite Image

Hurricane Relief: How Our Industry Helps Others Weather the Storm

Debi Moen • Features, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

The worst of times can bring out the best in the human spirit. The world witnessed this with people helping people during Hurricane Harvey’s flooding in Texas and Louisiana. Before the waters subsided, Hurricane Irma pounded islands in the Caribbean, Cuba and Florida, and not long after that, Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile, major earthquakes crumbled buildings and lives in Mexico.

Configuring mixes within Catalyst

Outputs and Mixes

Vickie Claiborne • Video Digerati, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

From the beginning of the creation of media server technology for live events, it has been common for a server to have only one or two video outputs. With the increase in popularity of LED walls, multiple projector projection blends, and 4K resolution content, however, the number of video outputs required from a server has grown and, as in the case of the d3, as many as 16 in a single d3 server are now needed in order to accommodate the demands of today’s visuals used in productions. Read More...

Hand in Hand 2017 logo

Televised Benefit Concerts for Hurricane Relief

Debi Moen • Features, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

"Hand in Hand" and "Harvey Can't Mess with Texas" Concert Benefits Raise Millions for Hurricane Relief

“Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” was a one-hour star-studded telethon on Sept. 12 with more than 130 artists and celebrities urging donations to aid the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The software lets users invite others to participate in a given project as 'members' or 'guests,' encouraging visual collaboration.


Vickie Claiborne • Product Spotlight, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

I'm reminded of an old commercial that went something like, “ When EF Hutton talks…people listen.” The “EF Hutton” in this case is Laura Frank. When someone with the level of experience and accomplishments of Laura suggests that I spend some time getting to know a new workflow tool, I listen. She is at the top of her craft in the world of screen management, having directed screen content on some of the largest projects in television and live entertainment.

The musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda was staged at Geva Theatre Center. The morning after a power outage in Washington Heights, dawn lighting brings life to the cast of In the Heights. Photo by Goat Factory Media.

‘In the Heights,’ in Rochester, NY

Randi Minetor • Focus on Theater, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Upper Manhattan is Reborn Upstate

Take a Tony Award-winning musical featuring a large cast of dancers and flamboyant choreography infused with salsa, merengue and hip-hop. Surround this cast with scenery that depicts the working storefronts of a bodega, a hair salon and a car service. Light it up with dozens of colors, patterns in motion and — in a purely 21st-century moment — the glow of smartphone screens.

Blizzard Lighting G-Mix 200

Blizzard Lighting G-Mix 200

Brandon Creel • Road Tests, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Blizzard Lighting is based in Waukesha, WI. I’m not sure where that is either, but it turns out it’s about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee. Blizzard Lighting is a newer company to the industry, but not as new as you may think. They have been manufacturing lights since March of 2010. In fact, their first LED moving light was called “Flurry Wash,” which certainly aligns with their theme of “cool” and “wintry.” Read More...

PLSN Oct 2017 Buyers Guide - Truss Products

Truss Products

Nook Schoenfeld • Buyer's Guide, October 2017 • October 12, 2017
It’s been three years since PLSN has had a Buyers Guide on truss. While many manufacturers seem to make the standard 12-inch and 20.5-inch box truss, the connections and weight loads can vary greatly. Instead of focusing on the more basic truss products in their catalogs, most of the manufacturers listed here opted instead to […] Read More...
A Programmer's Guide to Sushi

A Programmer’s Guide to Sushi

Brad Schiller • Feeding the Machines, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Irasshaimase! Over the years, I have noticed that a majority of the automated lighting programmers I know also enjoy eating sushi. There are, of course, some exceptions, but I feel pretty confident in saying that most do. It actually makes sense if you think about it; there are many similarities between the raw fish cuisine and the craft of programming automated lighting. The skill of the chef, the varieties of available options, the creativity and more all align between the two very different topics. Since I personally love sushi and programming, I feel it is time to really compare the two.

Metallica gear delivered to Antarctica

Rock-It Cargo

Mike Wharton • Company 411, October 2017 • October 12, 2017

Everybody knows Rock-It Cargo as the leading freight forwarding and logistics services provider in concert touring. Over the last 40 years, the iconic company has joined that coveted list of corporations whose name is not only synonymous for the product it provides but works as both a verb and noun. Gotta ship something time sensitive, fragile, or out of the ordinary? Rock-It. Like the name of the Holding company that now owns them, Rock-It is and always has been, Rock Solid.


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