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The September 2017 Digital Edition

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Articles from the September 2017 Issue

The church has gained members by taking some risks.

H.O.W. Production Profile: Eagle Brook Church

Nook Schoenfeld • Features, September 2017 • September 10, 2017

Dynamic Lighting and Video Production Helps Minnesota Mega-Church Visuals Soar

Eagle Brook Church is the largest house of worship in the state of Minnesota, in terms of attendance and size. The church’s six campuses in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have a combined average attendance of more than 17,000, and that number can exceed 22,000 for non-holiday weekends. During Christmas services last year, more than 48,000 attended the holiday services.

EastPoint Christian Church is now among the largest churches in Maine. They recently opened a church campus in a 92,000-square-foot former big box store in South Portland, Maine.

H.O.W. Wide Focus: EastPoint Christian Church

Bobby Boyer • Features, September 2017 • September 10, 2017

Events United Helps EastPoint Christian Church Turn a Big Box Retail Outlet Into a Mega Church Campus with Lighting and Video

First-time visitors driving to EastPoint Christian Church can be forgiven if they think their GPS suddenly went haywire. There on their right is the sprawling Maine Mall; and over there is The Home Depot, followed by a Best Buy. Driving along, they might wonder, “Can this land of big box retailers be home to a house of worship?” Indeed it can be, especially if that church is as forward looking and diversified in its mission as EastPoint Christian.

The church turned to Paragon 360 for an assist with their visual transformation.

H.O.W. Installations: South Haven Baptist Church

Debi Moen • Features, September 2017 • September 10, 2017

Missouri Church’s Modern Lighting Upgrade Creates Warm Family Vibe

A couple of years ago, South Haven Baptist Church in Springfield, MO faced up to a challenge. Its lighting was outdated and uneven. Sight lines in the sanctuary made it difficult for the live and video streaming services of its worship services. While searching for a modern solution, senior pastor Ryan Palmer says they also wanted the environment to exude more of a warm, family feel to welcome parishioners.

Elevation Church in Ballantyne, NC got a visual assist from SES.

H.O.W. Interview: Trey Blair of SES Integration

Randi Minetor • Features, September 2017 • September 10, 2017

Helping Ministries Optimize their Investments in Technology

Some schoolchildren find their favorite sport at a very young age, and others discover their passion for art or music. For Trey Blair, when he was a student at Concord First Assembly Christian school in Concord, North Carolina, the calling took him where most PLSN readers found themselves: in the dark with the audio, video, lighting and rigging that made things happen onstage. Read More...

Beams of light from the Martin MAC Axioms excite the crowd.

Creating a Mirage in the Heart of The City

Bryan Reesman • Installations, September 2017 • September 10, 2017

Cityfox’s Pop-Up Party Mecca Concept in Brooklyn Draws Crowds

New York has an exciting new music hub. Located in an industrial building in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn that once housed both a steel plant and a waste management facility, the Brooklyn Mirage is using the site to create an outdoor, EDM friendly dance club complete with colorful lighting, dazzling video and palm trees imported fresh from Florida.

Entire lighting and video rigs can be hung for events.

Irmarfer Structures

Mike Wharton • Company 411, September 2017 • September 9, 2017

Irmarfer established their North American facility in Las Vegas in 2016 and provided a structure used during the MTV VMA Awards in Los Angeles last month.

Irmarfer Structures, created in 1998, is a family-owned company with its global headquarters in Portugal. The company has emerged as a sought-after manufacturer of tents, stages, and flooring systems in Europe, serving the corporate, sporting, fashion, music, film, and special events markets.

The interactive lasers at Coachella 2017. Photo by Michael Greene

Laser Focus: Going Interactive

Kevin M. Mitchell • Event Lighting, September 2017 • September 9, 2017

Infinity Marketing and Production Design International Team Up for Hewlett-Packard at Coachella and Beyond

Lighting and laser designer Howard Ungerleider was working on a commercial when he got an intriguing call from Kailene Horlitz. Kailene and her company, Los Angeles-based Infinity Marketing, were trying to help Hewlett-Packard promote their new Pavilion line of PCs with HP’s first big foray into a new kind of immersive, interactive experience. The plan was to launch this new experiential marketing concept at Coachella 2017. Read More...

PLSN September 2017 Buyers Guide - Data Distribution and Opto-Splitters

Data Distribution and Opto-Splitters

Nook Schoenfeld • Buyer's Guide, September 2017 • September 9, 2017

One of the most important pieces of gear in the dimmer area has always been a dependable opto splitter, which gets DMX info to every fixture spread over your stage, trade floor or installation. Nowadays there are several types to choose from. They range from simple one-universe in and four 5-pin outs to Swiss Army knife-type models that accept RDM, DMX and Art-Net and can split, merge or spit out streams of info. There are even models that can tell you if your cable has a short, is terminated or is simply unplugged.

Celine Royer lighting Linkin Park's show at the O2 in London.

Lighting Designer/Director Céline Royer

Michael S. Eddy • September 2017, 1000 Words With... • September 9, 2017

Céline Royer is a name that you might not have heard of… yet. This lighting designer/director/programmer has been quickly building her career profile and reputation throughout the industry. Originally from France, Royer has been based out of Los Angeles for the past three years. She most recently was the lighting designer for Linkin Park’s One More Light tour, which was unfortunately cancelled following lead singer Chester Bennington’s death. However, we are sure this won’t be the last opportunity to see Royer’s design work on a major concert tour. PLSN caught up with her to ask about her career path so far. Read More...

Altman fixtures proved ideal for lighting the house.

H.O.W. Installations: Cascade Hills Church

Thomas S. Friedman • Features, September 2017 • September 9, 2017

A Visual Transformation: Morris Elevates the Video and Lighting Looks at Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, GA

Located in Columbus, GA, southwest of Atlanta and near the Alabama border, Cascade Hills Church is a congregation filled with parishioners from all walks of life who come together for a spirit-filled worship experience. Read More...

Smart design beats the brute-force approach

Use Appropriate Fasteners for Mounting

Jeff Gooch • Video World, September 2017 • September 9, 2017

“Some Assembly Required” and “Batteries Not Included” — two important phrases in our business. My other current favorite is “Use Appropriate Fasteners for Mounting.” That one makes me giggle almost as much as the one that usually says something like “Do Not Drop” on the side of a fixture or a projector. Damn! That’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years! Thank you, dear manufacturer, for letting me know that the one thing I should definitely not do is drop the damn thing. Phew! Read More...

Dianne Fleming's passion for stagecraft led to a career in pyro and special effects

Pyro Profile: Dianne Fleming

Mike Wharton • PLSN Interview, September 2017 • September 9, 2017

Dianne Fleming knew at an early age what she wanted to do when she grew up. Armed with an acute sense of how to get there she gravitated towards that goal with intuitive choices that began in her early teens. Her involvement with theatrical stage productions in junior high school sparked her first passion; lighting. Throughout her career, she has realized the potential of each experience she encountered. More importantly, Dianne places value and respect on the people around her, as PLSN found out while talking about the path she carved to where she is today.


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